love:Handel 2023

love:Handel 2023 –  Travels in Time and Place

The great George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) was the first ‘celebrity’ composer of the eighteenth century, and his music is still cherished today, woven into the fabric of our lives in the form of familiar tunes such as the Hallelujah chorus and ceremonial music including Zadok the Priest, performed at the recent Coronation.

In love:Handel 2023 – Travels in Time and Place, The Brook Street Band brought to life a complicated man, publicly adored but highly private, scrupulously fair to working musicians but not above a bit of professional rivalry, financially astute and rich beyond most musicians’ dreams, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a loyal friend, and a generous benefactor.

[Handel] “did bestride our musical world like a Colossus”.

“Can I just say how much I enjoyed love:Handel… To have a world class festival on our doorsteps and in such wonderful surroundings is nothing short of miraculous, particularly in a pandemic!” AUDIENCE MEMBER