love: Handel 2019

The Brook Street Band is delighted to announce love: Handel 2019, which takes place in Norwich between 4-6 October 2019.

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Who doesn’t love a good story? Stories can distract, enlighten, entertain, baffle, and stimulate your senses. Stories transport you to another place, a welcome and necessary diversion from everyday life. Stories weave their way through love: Handel 2019, as The Brook Street Band guides you on a musical journey through Handel’s world

Acquaint yourself with Handel and his music, from his cradle in Halle, to his grave in Westminster Abbey. Meet young Handel, exploring early musical ideas in Halle, taking his influences from esteemed German musicians a generation older than him.Follow Handel on his travels to Italy, a young man in his twenties, eager to experience all that Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice had to offer, incorporating Italian fire and flair into his music. Hear the Stories not just behind the composers, but about the music itself, about the instruments it was performed on, and the players who played them.

London forms the backdrop to some of our stories about Handel, the city he first visited in 1710, making it his permanent home from 1714 to his death in 1759. We also focus on music-making in East Anglia, highlighting some of Handel’s English contemporaries, and exploring how Handel’s music fitted in.

love: Handel 2019 brings in Stories of Handel’s friends and rivals too conjuring up the musical world of Bach’s Leipzig, a life that could never have suited headstrong Handel, unwilling to be tied to the constraints of church and state.

We end love: Handel 2019 with one of the greatest Stories, that of Acis and Galatea, bringing a cast of vocal stars to Norwich to perform Handel’s great masterpiece. 

The Stories we weave through the music bring to life a complicated man, publically adored but highly private, scrupulously fair to working musicians but not above a bit of professional rivalry, financially astute and rich beyond most musicians’ dreams, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a loyal friend and generous benefactor. He remains above all one of our greatest composers, and we hope that the Stories we bring you in love: Handel 2019 will help you fall in love with Handel too.


Friday 4thOctober

Dame Emma Kirkby

Hear the brightest voices of the future in a masterclass with one of the world’s greatest early music singers with accompaniment by The Brook Street Band.
2:00pm – 5:00pm, The Chapel – £5:00


Friends, Foes and Fellow-Musicians

Friends, Foes and Fellow-Musicians features music with a strong East-Anglian connection. Handel’s music weaves its magic through a programme of fiery solos and trio sonatas by revered English composers Thomas Arne, Charles Burney, William Boyce, and Joseph Gibbs. The concert includes a talk by Handel performance experts The Brook Street Band giving insights into the social and musical background to concerts in East Anglia in the 18thCentury.

The Brook Street Band – Rachel Harris and Kathryn Parry (baroque violins), Tatty Theo (baroque cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord)
7:30pm – 9:30pm, The Chapel – £15


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Saturday 5thOctober

Family-friendly concert

A short child-friendly concert for parents and carers, babies and toddlers with music by Handel, Bach, Vivaldi and other baroque masters. Families are welcome to come and relax, and enjoy this beautiful music.

The Brook Street Band – Lisete da Silva Bull (baroque flute and recorders), Rachel Harris (baroque violin), Tatty Theo (baroque cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord)
10:30am  – 11:30am, The Chapel – Free


From Leipzig to London

From Leipzig to London showcases chamber music by Bach and Handel, written at the height of their fame. Bach and Handel never met despite several near misses, although they knew of each other’s achievements.  There are Stories aplenty about both musicians, and in this programme we relate these through their beautiful music.

The Brook Street Band – Rachel Harris and Kathryn Parry (baroque violins), Tatty Theo (baroque cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord)
1:00pm – 2:00pm, The Chapel – £15


Every Instrument Tells a Story

Instrument expert Benjamin Hebbert hosts a discussion about instrument makers and musicians from Handel’s circle in London. This is a unique opportunity to view instruments from Benjamin’s collection, including violins and cellos that have direct links to Handel.
2:30pm – 3:45pm, The Chapel – £5


The Concerto Story

The Concerto Story features an expanded Brook Street Band performing wonderful music including Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.5, Orchestral Suite No.2 and Handel’s Sonata à Cinque. The brilliant Cambridgeshire-based Roots Baroque Orchestra (made up of aspiring young musicians who have been working with The Brook Street Band this year) sets the scene to the evening’s entertainment, with two short works by Purcell and Handel.  

  • The Brook Street Band & friends
  • Roots Baroque Orchestra

7:30pm – 9:30pm, Princes Street URC – £20


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Sunday 6thOctober

Kaffeehaus Culture

With a cup of coffee in hand, settle back as The Brook Street Band presents an imagined slice of weekly musical life in 18th century Leipzig. The concert is built around two of the city’s most illustrious musicians Bach and Telemann and its prime musical location, Zimmerman’s Kaffeehaus. Musical ideas and caffeine flow… 

The Brook Street Band – Lisete da Silva Bull (baroque flute), Rachel Harris (baroque violin), Tatty Theo (baroque cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord)
10:30am – 11:30am, The Chapel – £15 (Free Coffee)


Halle, Hanover and Hamburg

Handel was a complex character; his early compositions were shaped by family constraints, Lutheran tradition, and the search for his own unique voice. Halle, Hanover and Hamburg explores music (by composers including Buxtehude, Keiser and Pachelbel) that Handel would have known as a young student, as well as his own early chamber compositions as he emerged from the violin desks, beginning his career as a composer.

The Brook Street Band – Rachel Harris and Kathryn Parry (baroque violins), Tatty Theo (baroque cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord)
12:45pm – 2:00pm, The Chapel – £15


Handel’s Music for Patrons

Dr. David Vickers talks about the composer’s diverse music composed for different patrons in Italy, London and the English countryside, from his Roman cantatas to the coronation anthems for Westminster Abbey, via Acis & Galatea. David is a council member of The Handel Institute and co-edited The Cambridge Handel Encyclopedia.
4:30pm – 5:30pm, Princes Street URC – £5


Handel’s Acis and Galatea

A cast of vocal stars A cast of vocal stars including Susanna Fairbairn (Galatea) and David de Winter (Acis) joins The Brook Street Band to perform Handel’s masterpiece. First performed in 1718, Handel’s Acis and Galatea retells the classical Greek myth of the tragic love Story between nymph Galatea, shepherd Acis and the meddling cyclops Polyphemus.
6:00pm – 8:00pm, Princes Street URC – £20


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