love:Handel 2019

love:Handel 2019 – Stories

The Brook Street Band’s love:Handel took place in Norwich between 4-6 October 2019.

“Thank you for enriching the musical life of Norwich. Great to be able to listen to you in the Chapel in particular. Hope the ‘Baroque Festival’ will remain a regular event” Liz Jolly – audience member 

“If the family concert today is half as good as the one last night, it will be very good. You engage the audience not only in your introductions but in looking at us, and the way you look at each other and smile as though thoroughly enjoying yourselves” Virginia Greasley – audience member 

“Lovely!” Jonathan Hooton – audience member 

“Went to both concerts today. Singing workshop very inspiring and absolutely loved the evening concert – specially the cello sonata and violin sonata” Nina Weaver – audience member

love:Handel featured 10 events, all centred around the theme of Stories. The festival commenced with Dame Emma Kirkby’s vocal masterclass, where 6 young singers had the chance to work on repertoire from Handel to Purcell, accompanied by The Brook Street Band. Aside from love:Handel’s 5 chamber concerts, 1 orchestral programme and 1 vocal programe, the festival also featured instrument expert Ben Hebbert give an enthralling talk about instruments in Handel’s London, complete with examples for the audience to handle. Handel scholar Dr. David Vickers gave a magnificent talk about Handel’s musical responses to his various patrons. Thanks to additional funding and dedicated hard work on the part of The Brook Street Band, love:Handel 2019 was able to reach more young people through its education programme in Norfolk schools, expand its audience base in Norfolk and Norwich, and bring the #Roots baroque orchestra to Norwich to perform in the festival.