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Norwich Chapel Concerts

Thursday 9th February 2023

The Chapel, Norwich

Heinrich Schütz – A German in Venice

Heinrich Schütz – A German in Venice

Friday 10th February 2023

Our Lady of St. John, Goring-on-Thames

London Handel Festival

Tuesday 28th February 2023

St. Vedast, The Church of St Vedast alias Foster 4 Foster Lane London EC2V 6HH

Israel in Egypt

Saturday 25th March 2023

Saffron Hall

Kingshill House Creative Centre

Saturday 15th April 2023

Kingshill House Creative Centre, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, Gloucestershire ​GL11 4BZ

Salthouse Church, Norfolk

Saturday 1st July 2023

St Nicholas Church, Salthouse, Cross Street, Salthouse, Norfolk, England, NR25 7XQ Rachel Harris (violin), Tatty Theo (cello), Carolyn Gibley (harpsichord) perform music for a summer evening by favourite baroque composers Bach and Handel, with contributions from a few of Handel’s friendly ‘rivals’, working alongside him in England in the 18-th century. Salthouse Church is gloriously situated on a hill above the marshes with a view to the sea and along the coast. It’s a perfect place to enjoy some beautiful music. Tickets are £15 and available from the Holt Book Shop, the Salthouse Store and on the door. To reserve a seat in advance please email stating the number of tickets required.
Dartington Music Summer School and Festival

Saturday 29th July - Saturday 5th August 2023

Dartington Music Summer School and Festival, Dartington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EL

A chance to play chamber music together with other participants, developing your ensemble skills with expert tuition from members of the popular Brook Street Band, making a welcome to return to Dartington.
Dartington International Summer School

Monday 31st July 2023

The Great Hall, Dartington “Playing the Picture” Blending art and music, The Brook Street Band (Rachel Harris – violin, Tatty Theo – cello, Carolyn Gibley – harpsichord) brings to life the music and musicians depicted in 18th-century paintings by Hogarth and Gainsborough. Each painting offers up a mystery to solve: what is the manuscript lying on the table, or artfully placed on the shelf, and why is it there? Music by Handel, Corelli and Geminiani will accompany projections of these artworks, as The Brook Street Band unravels the stories behind the paintings, players and music. ​

Friday 22nd September 2023

Boughton House

Sunday 24th September 2023

Boughton House
love:Handel 2023 – Music for Mr Beard

Friday 13th October 2023

The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 1 • Concert – Music for Mr Beard

We open love:Handel 2023 with a thrilling programme of arias composed by Handel for his favourite tenor, the fabulous John Beard, who dominated the London musical landscape during Handel’s time.

Music for Mr Beard sets the scene for an action-packed festival weekend packed with stunning music, colourful instrumentation and guest appearances by some of our favourite musical friends.

love:Handel 2023 – As Steals the Morn upon the Night

Friday 13th October 2023

The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 2 • Concert – As Steals the Morn upon the Night

Suspend reality for an hour, and travel with us through the night, a place of wonder and creativity where different worlds, centuries and the musical influences of Bach, Handel, Telemann and Montéclair collide.

Central to this night is Nitin Sawhney’s “Early Transitions” which in Nitin’s own words explores “connections between Eastern and Western classical ideas with particular reference to my love of Baroque music, Indian classical raga and mathematical interactions through the taal system, phrasing and diatonic expansion”.  A real chance to dream…

love:Handel 2023 – The Bassoon Abroad

Saturday 14th October 2023

The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 3 • Concert – The Bassoon Abroad

A rare chance to revel in the sensual sonorities of the baroque bassoon, an instrument championed by Handel.

German-based Jennifer Harris is one of the world’s premiere soloists and is joined here by members of The Brook Street Band for chamber music by Handel, Telemann and a few of their fellow ‘abroad’ composers.

love:Handel 2023 – Double Trouble

Saturday 14th October 2023

The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 4 • Concert – Double Trouble

What could be better than a single harpsichord? Two harpsichords! Enjoy this opportunity to wallow in the rich sound of music by JS Bach, Mozart, and Armand Louis Couperin for four hands played on two beautiful instruments by local maker Alan Gotto.

love:Handel 2023 – Painting Magic: Handel and the Art of Staging Sorcery

Saturday 14th October 2023

The Martineau Hall - The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 5 • Talk – Painting Magic: Handel and the Art of Staging Sorcery

Noted scholar Peter Kerber investigates how Handel’s characterisations of sorceresses and magicians relate to the visual portrayals created by the best Venetian and Roman artists of his day. Peter Kerber is Director of the Picture Gallery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

love:Handel 2023 – Concerti per Multi Stromenti

Saturday 14th October 2023

The Octagon Chapel, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 6 • Concert – Concerti per Multi Stromenti

We expand our chamber group to a small orchestra for an evening of exhilarating music for multiple instruments, including music by Handel, Telemann, Bach’s popular Concerto for Two Violins, and Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Cellos.

love:Handel 2023 – The Elements

Sunday 15th October 2023

The Chapel Park Lane, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 7 • Concert – The Elements

A firm and much-loved free festival favourite with families and our younger audiences. A chance to find out more about our instruments and some of our favourite baroque music, conjuring up sounds of water, fire, wind and birdsong with a relaxed and chatty concert featuring music by Handel, Telemann, Matteis and Biber.

love:Handel 2023 – Handel in Italy, 1707-1710

Sunday 15th October 2023

The Assembly House, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 8 • Talk – Handel in Italy, 1707-1710

Indulge yourself with a little armchair travel to the Italian cities Handel worked in, setting the musical scene for this afternoon’s concert. Renowned Handel biographer Jonathan Keates offers a glimpse into the Roman world of patronage, Popes and Cardinals, and the operatic magic of Venice, “La Serenissima”, a city he has written extensively on, as former Chairman of the Venice in Peril Fund.

love:Handel 2023 – Margherita Durastanti – Handel’s Italian Muse

Sunday 15th October 2023

The Assembly House, Norwich, NR3 1BN

Event 9 • Concert – Margherita Durastanti – Handel’s Italian Muse

Italian soprano Margherita Durastanti enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration with Handel, their musical lives together spanning several decades and countries. Our programme celebrates Handel’s secular and sacred vocal writing, renowned for its virtuosity and the agility it commands, with works including the powerful dramatic cantata La Lucrezia, alongside the recently-discovered Gloria from Handel’s youthful early years in Rome. These are paired with magnificent chamber music composed at the height of his fame in 1730s London and provide a perfect conclusion to love:Handel 2023.

Handel’s Messiah

Saturday 16th December 2023

Church of the Good Shepherd, Arnold, Nottingham, 3 Thackeray's Lane, Woodthorpe, Nottingham, NG5 4HT

Norwich Chapel Concerts

Sunday 17th December 2023

The Chapel, Park Lane, Norwich NR2 3EF

Heinrich Schütz – A German in Venice